How does white noise help babies sleep?

   White noise helps to create a comforting environment for your baby, like a cozy teddy bear of sound, letting your little one know when it’s time for sleep. The reason white noise is so effective is because it mimics the sounds your baby heard in the womb. White noise lulled them to sleep then…and can lull them to sleep now. White noise also covers over outside distractions—like a noisy truck or a TV playing in the next room—and inside discomforts, like teething and mild hunger, further bolstering ZZZ’s. 

To start using white noise, play the sound in the background during your baby’s sleepytime routine. Soon, this will signal to your sweetie that their glide into dreamland is just minutes away. And this will continue to work even after Baby’s calming reflex gradually disappears by 3 to 4 months. By then, your infant will have learned that white noise means that bedtime has come. So, every time you turn the white noise on, your precious bub will think, “Oh yeah, I recognize that sound…now I’ll have nice sleep.”

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